Mi Dual Driver earphones vs Realme buds 2

Are you getting confused about Mi Dual Driver earphones vs Realme buds 2? Then, this blog will surely help you to decide which one is the best for you.

Trust me, it’s not easy to decide which is better between these two earphones as there is so much information in the market which may confuse you.

Before buying these earphones, I have also seen and read many reviews and youtube videos but the real result you only see after you experience it.

Mi Dual Driver earphones vs Realme buds 2

Mi Dual Driver earphones vs Realme buds 2 comparisons and review

Mi Dual DriverRealme buds 2
Microphone-Built inMicrophone-Built in
Color-Black & BlueColor-Black, Orange &Green
Warranty-6 monthsWarranty-6 months
In-line Remote-3 buttonsIn-line Remote-3 buttons
Magnetic EarbudsMagnetic Earbuds
Cable-Tangle freeCable-Tangle free

Realme Buds 2

What’s in the Box?

  • 2 pairs of Extra ear tips
  • user manuals

Design and Quality

Realmebuds 2 comes with an 11.2mm bass boost driver with built-in magnets. The earbuds are made of plastic but still very durable and good quality.

It comes in three colors-Black, orange and green.

if you are a college student or an office person who likes to keep the earphones in a bag or in the pocket then don’t worry, it comes with a Dual Antitwinning cable which won’t get mixed up

The additional feature of these headphones is that you get a cable organizer, which will help your earphones to keep on hold.

The cable quality is very good and light

Also comes with 3 buttons and a Microphone that can control your music and videos and also take your incoming calls and run your voice assistant with the touch of a button.

Comfort and Fit

These headphones provide a very light and good fit, you won’t have any problem with the fit. These earphones feel a little premium compared to the price which we will reveal later

Sound Quality

Coming to Sound quality, these headphones have proven their worth.

The bass drums and thumping sound is really good and boosted. Tested different songs on Spotify and the sound quality is Superb. While playing games also these earphones will give you a very immersive gaming experience. So, these earphones won’t let you down in Sound quality.

Long Term Review

These earphones also come with a 6-month’s warranty and if you are buying earphones then you might also want to know how long these will these headphones last right? then here is the answer. To be exact these earphones lasted 1 year and 9 months. I have been using earphones with care but However, at last, the earphones cable started peeling off from the jack and then later one side of the earphones stopped working


  • Comes with a Cable organizer
  • You get three 3 different colours
  • Bass and thumping are very good
  • Earphones feel way more premium than other earphones in the market


  • This will only last a year
  • Could have been better if a 90-degree jack was provided
  • The colours such as Green and orange gets dirty very easily and there is no point in cleaning them as the dirt does not get removed.

Mi Dual Driver earphones

On the other hand, While coming to Mi dual driver earphones review, this earphone has also been popular for its driver in the market. It comes with 10 mm and 8mm bass drivers.

What’s in the Box?

  • 3 pairs of extra ear tips
  • User manual

Design and Quality

It comes with a Tangled free braided cable with magnetic earbuds. However, in these earphones, the earbuds are made of metal.

It comes in two colors-Black & Blue

In these headphones one side is concave and the other is inside which makes it easy for the magnet to get connected.

The additional feature on these headphones is that you get a 90-degree jack which will help your headphones from getting bent and running for a longer time.

Comfort and Fit

These earphones fit easily to the ears which any discomfort as both stay in their place and do not come out easily.

Sound Quality

The Sound quality is fine as you get a well-balanced bass.

It comes with passive noise cancellation so the surrounding noise won’t trouble you and you will get a very good sound experience.

Long Term Review

These earphones come with 6 month’s warranty but if you use them with care may work up to a year.


  • Comes with a passive noise cancellation
  • Earphones feel very light and fit very easily to the ears
  • The Earbuds are made of metal which looks strong and durable


  • The earphone’s quality is very low compared to the price it comes with
  • Won’t give you a good impression when you open the box
  • The wire cable is very thin and feels easy to break
  • No cable Organizer
  • It gets tangled very easily as there is no cable organizer

Final Verdict

Coming to my verdict between Redmi earphones vs Realme buds 2. I would personally suggest you go for Realme buds 2. The reason is that the quality of the cable also feels a little strong and more premium than the Mi Dual driver. You also get a cable organizer which we do not get in the Mi Dual driver. It looks like a minor thing not being in Mi dual driver but I have experienced that when you are keeping your earphones by rolling it up you really need something to keep them in hold otherwise the wires don’t stay in place and get tangled.

Also Compared to Mi Dual Driver earphones vs Realme buds 2, Realme buds have better buttons and a Mic, the quality of the buttons is made with a good build and looks very premium.

When I got the earphones the presentation also impressed me a bit, it comes with a box inside where the headphones are kept and adjusted to their size which gives a feeling that it is really good headphone Whereas the first impression of Mi Dual Driver is that it comes in a small plastic packet, which gives a vibe of a low-quality headphones

Even if, the Mi Dual driver has passive noise cancellation, the Sound quality of Realme buds will amaze you.

Lastly, Realme earbuds 2 is priced at Rs.599 and Mi Dual driver is priced at Rs.799. Here, also Realme earbuds2 come way cheaper than Mi dual driver. It really outperforms Mi earbuds in all segments as It really proves its worth and does all the work of headphones and won’t disappoint you.

Also, an additional tip, if you have decided to buy Realme buds 2 then go for black colour as the black colour does not absorb dirt and sweat and gives you a clean look for a longer period of time.

The Drawback of Braided Cables on both Headphones

When we buy earphones it is mentioned as a braided cable and we happily buy it, thinking that the cable won’t get damaged or won’t break since it’s a braided cable but it’s wrong.

Yes, Both Mi Dual Driver earphones vs Realme buds 2, come with a braided cable but these earphones are braided upto a length, if have to measure the length of the unbraided cable then it comes up to the chest while plugging earphones, so after using the earphones for a long period of time there are still chances of breaking from the buds end.

I hope that blog might help you to decide which is the better earphone compared between Mi Dual Driver earphones vs Realme buds 2

I have personally used these earphones and suggested you the better earphones which will provide you with a better sound experience

Thank you so much and Have a Lovely day.


Is Mi dual driver good?

Yes, The driver that comes with earphones is of 10mm and 8mm bass drivers which give you a high crisp and balanced sound. If you are a movie or web series lover, then these earphones won’t disappoint you.

Which is better Realme Buds or Realme Buds 2?

Realme Buds 2 is better because Realmebuds has been upgraded with a better sound and looks and the quality of sound has also been improvised which gives you a good experience.

Does Realme buds 2 have noise cancellation?

No, Realme buds 2 does not come with noise cancellation as it is a wired earphone. Although the sound quality and music experience won’t disappoint compared to other earphones in the market

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